Wednesday, December 8, 2010

so bored..

my memories <3

tis holiday make me miss many ppl  ♥
♥ i miss ener liew
♥ i miss chong hui yih
♥ i miss ida hii
♥ i miss priscilla tan
♥ i miss ee ning
♥ i miss hua ching
♥ i miss kaydon ling
♥ i miss rex
♥ i miss sun hui
♥ i miss sie rong
♥ i miss joey
♥ i miss yun mei
♥ i miss tiffany
♥ i miss ah boon
♥ i miss ashley
♥ i miss ah kam
♥ i miss my gor
♥ i miss avin
♥ i miss winnie chieng
♥ i miss alice
♥ i miss natelie
♥ i miss hui en
♥ i miss jolene tan
♥ i miss my working friends ;)
♥ i miss my church friends :D
♥ i miss my classmates
♥ i miss my tuition friends^^
♥ i miss all ppl i knw very much ♥

my lovely sis

im the one who buy the mentos^^<3
  i miss her so much...she is going to kl next year she start school ady..
i thk next time meet her mayb im form 5 ady...@.@  sis,u must guai guai ya...jie jie here miss u <3 muacks

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

jus a few days..but it happen many thgs...let me start my story :)

me n wen san

me n jacinta

me n vincent

sohai de me..

me n ee ning

im ugly><but c tat man ><
first need to talk about i was working at pc fair last weekend...
it was very tired...stock in 30 speakers n all sold
first day...we only sold rm1333 nia, so little...because no ppl second day we sold rm 2583..
haha so happy more than first day...but tat ee ning...-.- lazy gal...keep eat n go away...
zzz...leave me alone...last day i really bia lw...tat day WENDY come do with us...oh shit! im so scare tat moment..scare she wanna make things happen again..but im talk to me..wao...haha
get shock..but say real she is really nice gal...jus like to make big problem to settle nia...haha bt at last still happy la...:)cox i missed a enemy n have a friend ady:)tat three days i knw many ppl...thy relly nice..
gt beside my booth de vincent:) next booth de wen san:) jacinta:) ah zhen:) ah sa:) maxis de sam....:)haha
thy r really nice:)hope got change to meet them again:)

me n lala

me n ener

ener n dada

dada n me
after work is monday...we decided to celebrate li hui ' birthday today..
in the morning i go li hui house bring two big box present to box i from ah lam...
wow romantic haha inside the box is a green star n one faked rose..haha
after giving her ah lan present i straight away go in room with the present i wanna give her n i ask evon follow oso haha n li hui was out side..she is exicted wad we give side de room i jus start writing on the card...haha jus prepare...after tat evon put one chocolate inside...haha she say wanna give her too..haha...after finish...we come out from the room and i give her present...haha when she shock because all are food haha...:p but the food all nt the main things...the main things is tat necklace with ener* this
after that i follow li hui car go hui ping ,ida,lala,li hui ,lijing,n avin go...we go iglool eat...saw tat fucking guy [ng chee yung] at thr hiao gal...soi tat saw!! after tat we go watch movie...^^we go eat so happy today...maybe is someone ba...haiz.......mayb nt ngam?? she keep good wid lihui ba...><thn we all pisah...after sushi...thy go big apple agn..but ida ask me go walk walk...thn we go walk all pakson n talking lo...haha...we still go ply tat smartise mesin each other give rm0.50 haha at last just come out 10 smartise...haha lol...i tell ida 10sen per smartise><haha bt it really nice to eat...after 10 minite like tat ida's car come...thn we walk down stairs for leaving tat time rex tell me he wan see but i tell him i wan bck ady...soi soi tat time i dahaga...><haha thn i go giant buy mineral water...after buying...i saw a man running verg yuan lai is so happy can see him la...anyway....enjoy ur shopping wid tat sibu gal ya...pig rex..!!haha x)