Saturday, July 14, 2012

2012year's eikhui

hey everybody :)
this all are my good sisters and brothers in this years :) <3

so so so a long time i didnt update my bloggy aready,because i cant online and i am busying also :3
today i am going to write a little memories about this years :)
this years i am 17 years old ,going to facing my spm exam...but said seriously,i havent start prepare..
i am so scary and also dont know i should start learning in which subject..
left three week to my trial spm 1, but i still didnt have any power to make sure i can get a good result in it..
what should i do ? :( i am really worry in it...
i had planing my daily time table ... but everytime when i start studying there was just a moment..
is my problem or every people also like that? hmm,i kept confuse in this questions..

my dream is to become a designer, an interior design or become an architecture...
i like to design ,aspecially bulding...i dont know what is the reason..but i really like it...
my mum not really accept in it because the course fees in university is very expensive..
she suggest i study in form six...but i am a person who dislike study...i dont want to continue in form six..
i know if i study in it ,my result will only like a shit ><
i really dont waste my time in it..but nobody graandma.,my mum ....all asked me go and
i want  to study in "lim kok wing university"in kuala lumpur..
i really like the school so much...and the fees in diploma one year only rm8000..
and result must 3credit (english,math,and bahasa melayu)
there is my target...and i trust that i can do people is supporting me..
i need suporters...:( hm...i hope someone can really tell me which is the right way to me..

last, i want to tell myself...
eikhui,you really left a few month to ur really have enough time again?....
hm dont keep thinking those useless stuff,please fokus study...ask your friends around you study together...not everyday talk in school play in school...if you want to make your dream come true..this is only the way...>> STUDYHARD and get a good result in spm..

JIAYOU!! i really must studyhard start from now ,hope you guys can help me to pray and support me :)

may god bless me and you all <3