Saturday, May 14, 2011

越来越 ~ pek cek

I through today was a nice daybut last it doesntpek cek><
In the morning I reach school reached my classno one hiu me..all are doing their things J
I sit down on my seat 5 minitso bored..then I walk to kaydon classgo there talking better ~
Talk talk talkwe talk about prefect thgstest paper marks things and many.
Then not so longida reached school tooshe passed by kaydon’s class and saw me
Then we jus back to our own class togetherhm
After few lessons.
Me and ida kept 3 8 behind our class
All class ppl are talking ,playing thr.din even one of them are lessoning
I also leave my lihui alone.(sorry baby)
huiyih today also emo thr>,< felt like she was tiredor got xin shi??
haihwe all dunoL she din tell us wad is her feeland y emo thr
after that.resestwe go canteen buy things eatbut huiyih din buy anythgs L
we back classI duno y suddenly very pek hot
I went to kaydon class agnI go there is cool,his class gt air-conat cool
We talk talk talk..
After that alarm was ringback to class and have our lesson (math)so bored
After thatagnes kept kacao kacao thrbecause her rm10 hilanglol..
Duno which people so no moralsteal ppl moneyhmsayang to my agnes..<3
That ppl will kena bomb my jesus dedun worryJ
After bc lessonneed go apd roomida,me,lihui,huiyih and agnes din go
we stay at classtalk againI do my homework therewhn the moment doing homework
I know somethings.Zzzz heard liao really pek cek ahmd > < I duno wanna say wad lw
I dun wan scold anythingsI dun wan be so badim trying to controlgrrat last.IM STILL PEK CEK..SIEN.


hi,all readers :)
thanks for view my bloggy again....

well,tis few days got sad things happened and also happy things happened..
i sad happy news happy because my science test paper received from teacher aready..i get 63%, better then last time :D last time i get 55% hm...between,i also happy because our competition of super bridge we get second...haha..nt bad rite ;) im excited about what present we will received...but teacher dont wanna tell now we jus can waiting....
now...let say about my sad things....
i think will many then happy things :[
i was sad because of someone are change,i name the person 'pp' at my blog here..jus easy for me to type my blog at here :)...that person actually is a nice person but tis few days pp style and attitude changing >< sad and sometime pp hurt pp duno that was many ppl hurted by pp....pp make herself like a princess ,all ppl must followed her....tis type of style we really dislike....beyween,now im not backstep her...i jus wanna say out my feeling....and i hope her can ones dare to tell her the true because we scare...we scare she eill not change and angry us....i dun wanna make it like tat...she is a nice friend...we all dun wan to lost it....but sometime we really cant tahan...we now all kept "ren"....really hope one day she will knows that we all dislike her tat type style....:)
*at here,if got anyone dislike wad my style...u can straight away tell me,dun scare i wun angry or wad...i just will try to change good...:D
second sad things is.....
said real,i miss u....totelly miss:( miss ur sound...miss ur u miss me huh?
said others things first.. today is the day we know either we kena choose be a prefect or not..conclusion is i din kena i ask myself ,do u happy or sad? answer giving me is,a bit happy a bit sad...happy because i din hav any pressure ady...and im also free :) sad is because "yuan lai" my attitude is bad...20+ teacher bomb me? when i was form 1 i ecpt then i really bad...always ponteng...but now...i really sad because no ones seem that i was changed....i ask xx y lihui wun kena choose....he tell me because of she is de geng of,my mind kept me made her cant be choose?:( im sad and felt class...i emo....hai hao ida accompany me talk out some...sad, i tell lihui about im sorry to her....she kept ask me wad hapen...i promise myself not to tell she kept ask and also almost angry hurted..y cnt ti liang me,ijus dun wan her sad so dun tell her nia...but she kept.....
i try to control my tears not to drop useless...i hate myself...

i wan to said sorry to my ida and lihui because today i made u guys unhappy...sorry:( today i din give dao you ppl happy....forgive me...i primise no next time...kay? <3 love u all~~