Monday, June 20, 2011

补回补回 :)

emotion of this few days
hey hey~~ long time din update my bloggy le ><

hm..tis few days...many kinds of things hapen..
have good de, bad de,pek cek de,confuse de..and also sad de :')

first,i wan to talk about last june's holidays...
i was really so bored u guys knw? walao...dayday stay at home watch movie...
mata wont 'juling' also hard almost open school tat few day got went out wid mumy...we go pakson...bla bla bla...
at pakson,i meet my babes girl
so happy...whn we meet,first thgs we do is take foto
so bunga rite? haha..>> see those pic^^
i love them :D
my babes

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me and huaching :D

me and agnes :D

sohai face :D

haha....continue continue...
next next is...
teacher day...
wow...said nice nt nice said bad nt bad lo...
haiz...see dao someone jiu pek cek...zzz dun wan talk about the ppl...skip skip :)
tat day stiill ok lo...kept taking use stevenson big big camera take foto...
 using iphone take...many many..:)haha 
唯一,sad de is i go find teacher myself...
find him to cut de i found very long time...but i cnt found him...i wan die le...tat day is hot too TT
stand between all block school....i feel like im so tiny :( so little...
bt at last ,huiyih,ida and me found teacher...
at the moment i was so high...because found him!!!^^
thn we bck to class cut the cake and take foto^^
>> those pic :D view it!!
my gang ^^

my class 4A2 ^^

the cake of all teachers :D
couple shirt haha

eating :D
our noob teacher..haha

me and ida :p
i  like tis one!!:D <3

haha...skip skip
now is about father's day :D
first,i wan said happy papa day:)
dady,hope u are happy ya..
today u are sick ,so sad to see
today din special go restaurant eat...but hope dady u can happy because our small surprise..small cake for mini size :D bro brought it ~ nice~~~~
lol suddenly no feel write le>< paiseh...haha see those papa day pic :D

my big sis and my little bro :D
the mini XD

my lovely dady :D

my little bro :D

me n bro looking tat mini ><
 lol....tats all for today...haha
today at lihui house...kept taking foto eh...kik dao ><
lihui's lappy full of my pic,wow..hahaha
wait one day she post at her blog >>
hehehe <3
bye~miss me :P