Thursday, July 7, 2011

今天比赛排球final~kik la~~紧张到不能形容 :D
一放学我就赶去outdoor的篮球场练习~ 太阳晒到热死了..
我想最近的我肯定变成黑婆~伤心死 ><
kik拉我~哈哈,爽死~不过勒,我的手痛死了>< 哭笑不得~
谢谢你们哦~mercury kik la ^^


The other important thing is~~~~
Today is my flower  ida hii’s birthday
First,I nid to say is happy birthday to you agn
Hope u like the present me and lihui gave u~
And the card also~~hehe,but say real ur baby’s pic is really super cute
Haha…nid to thx to ur sis~~
I knw jus those pic giv u surprise only~
Bt at least u r surprised :D
I nid to say sorry to you also~because I din go dinner with u guys~
Im really sorry~hope u wont because me ,spoil ur mood :C
Hmm…we knw each other from the year we study in secondary school~
Tat time we same classes, and we also the best friend
Still rmb those memories we ponteng class,we said rude word,scold teacher?
Haha…tat time we still young…duno wad is moral…
Haha,but those things will be all my sweet memories~
Can knw u is really nice~ thanks for being my flower now~
I love u :) really J we promise no secret ya~? I hope we are best friend forever
Be happy ya, rmb if I made u sad or angry,pls tell me…
I wunt angry but I will jus change for u 
And last,I nid to tel u is,dun lik me~always pek cek :D
Haha :P tat all for this J rmb love me more ya :P haha <3

Happy Birthday Ida

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